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Rules: Posting Rules

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    Rules: Posting Rules

    Posting outside of these rules can lead to your posts being removed or hidden without warning. Multiple infractions will lead to an account ban from the forum.

    - No Personal Attacks
    Do not insult / deride other members with malicious intent. Playful joking around is absolutely fine (and fun to read), but personal attacks or vitriolic posts will be deleted.

    - Language/Content Rules
    Any comments that can be regarded as sexist, bigoted, pornographic, or racist will result in a post deletion. Depending on the comment, this may also result in an instant ban. "Bad" words are filtered by the forum, please do not try to circumvent the filter. Use your words.

    - Be Constructive
    If your post's ONLY intention is to derail a conversation, it may be deleted.

    - No "Real Life" Information
    Do not publicly post any "real life" information about another player, such as their real name or where they live, etc. This information will be deleted if we see it.